Prime Ecosystem

DevCon Technologies' flagship product is the Prime Ecosystem which is a market leading workflow management system designed for the Insurance, Construction and Property Management industries. The Prime Ecosystem products leverage the newest technologies to deliver unparalleled performance to enhance transparency, increase control over productivity and costs and improve efficiency in internal processes and procedures. The Prime Ecosystem is made up of three bespoke products, each designed to cater for the specific requirements of that sector to ensure that the system is working for the business and not the other way around.

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Prime Features

We work hard to provide a competitive product for all levels of business from small to enterprise.


Customer Focus


Increased Productivity


Targeting your needs


Product Support

IT Services

Our service provision came about because all of our Prime clients wanted a single place to come to for all their business support needs. Well now we can setup, manage and host your Email, Website and IT Hardware solutions.

We can manage corporate your Email and Website to ensure they continue to run seamlessly, day to day. We also look after your Business IT procurement, setup and support so you can focus on your core business and let us take away those IT woes. Any other tricky IT problems you need solving, let us know and we will help come up with a more Holistic solution and service support model to suit your business.

365 Email

Let us setup, manage and host your Office 365 email for you. We will work out the best solution for your company and help you keep it running.


We can build and host your responsive corporate website.


Manage your procurement and support of your IT Hardware. Better buying power and taking the hassle out of your IT.


We provide local support for all our products and services.


We offer consulting services to help with those tricky IT problems.


One Stop IT Shop


Responsive Design


Professional Presence


Local Support

IT Services Pricing

We work hard to be competitive on our pricing to be inclusive for all levels of business from small to enterprise. Talk to our friendly sales staff for further information on where we can help.

IT Consulting

  • IT Problem Solver
  • Bespoke Solution
  • Talk to our friendly sales staff

About us

Here at DevCon Technologies, we identified a need in the Construction, Insurance and Property Management market for an easy to use job management tool. We have built Prime to address this space. Prime is an enterprise level system with entry level pricing.

Our additional IT Services we provide are geared towards keeping your IT needs simple and removing any confusion around making your business IT Ready.

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DevCon Technologies is a modern day company with a modern day working environment. We are committed to our company and our products and enjoy building relationships with our customers. "Head Office" is based in Brisbane Australia, however we have some staff located in Melbourne.

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